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Even the most experienced logistics manager can use a little help once in awhile. When shipping materials internationally the paperwork needs to be complete and Graf Air Freight wants to make the process easier. The following documentation can be downloaded along with user-friendly instructions to help ensure your next international shipment streams through customs and arrives on time.

Commercial Invoice
This document is required for clearing all international shipments through customs.

Download – Commercial Invoice

Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)
This document is required when any single commodity in a shipment leaves the U.S. with a declared value of $2,500.00 U.S., excluding most shipments to Canada. An (SED) may also be necessary when a shipment requires an export license and/or you have non-document shipments to certain Eastern European or Asian countries regardless of the value.

Download – Shipper’s Export Declaration

Certificate of Origin
This document is provided to customs upon importation to certify the national origin of the merchandise.

Download – Certificate of Origin

NAFTA Certificate of Origin
This document is required to verify the origin of commodities imported into the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Download - NAFTA Certificate of Origin

Required for all domestic and international shipments

Download - Bill of Lading
Download - Instructions

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