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If a business is entirely dependent on delivering time-sensitive materials, there is only one way for that company to succeed for over 30 years: make over 30 years worth of on-time deliveries.

Our transportation services feature unsurpassed conveniences such as later pick-up times, earlier deliveries, and ceaseless operation (24-7-365): meaning that we are available to ship anything, anywhere, any time.

In addition to our competitive contracts with all the major airlines, Graf supports its logistics force with over 500 couriers delivering to over 500 airports in the United States. Our intricate network allows us to track your shipment for the duration of the delivery; at any given time we will be able to pinpoint your package’s location, and we guarantee you will always receive proof of delivery.

In the end, what Graf offers is a more personal way to conduct business. You will find that we are more of a partner in your daily operations than an outside service provider.

Graf Air Freight provides the best delivery service possible, because we know our success depends upon yours.
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