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Simple. Quick. On time. What more could you ask for from an air freight and courier service? Plenty. Which is exactly what separates Graf Air Freight Inc. from the rest. We give you flexibility, dependability, real time updates, global coverage, reasonable rates, and above all else, a commitment to you.

Partners in Business
Graf has complete and customizable shipping programs for our corporate clients, featuring e-invoice transmissions, minimized freight costs, rebates and detailed data capture of the company’s activity. Acting as more than just a service provider, Graf can work on advance planning with your business, ultimately providing transportation alternatives that meet deadlines and reduce cost, in addition to advanced information on flight departure/arrival times and estimated delivery times.

This is all made possible through the use of our internally developed package tracking system (GrafTrack) and trucks and facilities owned by Graf. With no middlemen, there is no fingerpointing, and Graf gladly accepts all the accountability.

Industry Specialties
While Graf has the ability to ship just about anything under the sun, there are a few industries we are renown for working with. Graphic arts and printing companies the world over recognize our name and logo, and have come to associate those things with speedy delivery, excellent service, and great pricing. Our services can help printers improve their production scheduling and more efficiently manage inventory.

Lawyers and those in the legal profession have found our around the clock availability quite convenient after burning the midnight oil to finish up a contract. In truth, any business that needs to ship documents overnight (but finds the major carriers have already closed up shop) can rely on Graf. Of course, we don’t mind shipping big, heavy things either.

The Graf Advantage
We believe communication is critical in this business, with our couriers as well as with our clients. We never want a customer to be thinking "I wonder where that package is?", so instead of forcing you to call periodically, Graf will take the initiative to update you on the status of your shipment.

Since client’s contacts at Graf are all managers, you are guaranteed consistency and direct access to a decision maker. To supplement the personalized service, Graf creates custom-tailored management reports designed to keep you informed and meet the needs of your company.

This family owned business has thrived for over three decades based on providing a superior service. Though the logistics industry has certainly evolved since our inception, the same family that has owned and operated Graf over those years has managed to meet the challenges. Our methods may have changed, but our promise of reliable shipping remains the same.

Copyright 2001, Graf Air Freight Inc.