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Corporate Office:
550 West Taylor St
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: (312)987-9960
Fax: (312)987-9967
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When you look at a map, what do you see? Roads? Riverways? State lines? What you won’t see is our incredible network of partners and couriers. What do we see when we look at a map? Shipping lines, alternate routes, and a host of other options to get your shipment from point A to point B.

Graf Air Freight has global shipping capabilities, but the company’s greatest strength can be found within our country’s own borders. Our domestic delivery services are second to none, supported by branch offices all over America.

While once upon a time it was sufficient to simply have a headquarters in Chicago, we have steadily been expanding our offices to improve efficiency even more. The Graf network now calls nearly a dozen cities home:

Boston Newark, NJ
Chicago Portland
Dallas San Francisco
Los Angeles Seattle
New York South Bend, IN

Through these numerous locations and countless contacts across the country, Graf is able to ensure on-time delivery, whether the destination be San Diego, California or Saint John, Maine. . . or any other point inbetween.

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