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Documents or truckloads. Get it there yesterday or in a few days. Across the state line or the International Date Line. Graf air freight and courier services can supply the means to your delivery’s ends, no matter what the requirements. And even more impressive- we boast a better than 99% on time delivery ratio. Here are the shipment options you can choose from when choose Graf:

Next Flight Out/Over the Counter
When you need something delivered a.s.a.p., and you really mean it, this option will do just that. Your object of urgency will be put on the first available flight and immediately transported to your customer upon arrival. This is expedited service like you’ve never seen before.

Storage and Logistics
Our storage facilities may be the most tangible evidence of how Graf can
truly be an extension of your business. With convenient and secure
warehouses located throughout the nation, it's the most efficient way to
supplement your fulfillment operations. When you need product shipped from
one of our distribution centers, simply contact us via phone, fax, or
e-mail, and you will receive proof of delivery with an updated inventory
list when the job is complete.

Supplied Label Distribution

Logistics can be a complicated business (especially with multiple shipments), but it doesn’t have to be for you. After receiving your supplied label instructions, Graf can handle all the required forms, send out your shipments, and then give you proof of delivery. Your benefits include one less pile of paperwork, and one less thing to agonize over.

Overnight isn’t what it used to be. It’s better. Deliveries are scheduled to arrive morning, noon, and night, so you can decide if you would like the shipment to be in the consignee’s hands by 9:00 am, noon, or 5:00 pm the next day. With overnight service, you can leave your packages, and your worries, with us.

Second Day
Simply because you didn’t wait until the last minute doesn’t mean you’re not working with a deadline. Second day priority packages give you the choice of having your shipment arrive no later than noon or 5:00 pm on the second business day. If it’s critical, Graf is the one to count on.

On Board Courier
Personal attention doesn’t get more personal than this. A Graf representative will board the very next available flight with your precious cargo and hand deliver it directly to the consignee. There is no better way to assure your shipment will be where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Deferred Three to Five Day
Just like with our express services, we treat deferred shipments as if they were our own. When the situation isn’t imperative, but you still need guaranteed service, you can elect to have your package reach its destination in three to five business days. When you send it with Graf, you send it with confidence.

Not everything you ship fits neatly in a brown, padded envelope, or in a tractor trailer, for that matter. For your less than truckload shipments, give us the destination and the timetable, and we’ll be happy to give you proof of delivery when it’s done. Call us for a quote, and we can immediately begin making plans for surface transportation.


Large volume shipments present no problems, either. Graf can utilize ground transportation of truckload shipments to your consignee, according to your instructions; Graf Air can supply single and team drivers as your truckload shipment requires. While no shipment is too big, we do encourage you to call us for a quote.

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